Peter H. Robinson 
Department of Animal Science - University of California

Extension Interests
On-farm animal management systems. 
On-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows. 
Evaluation of methods to quantify on-farm animal performance changes.
Use of electronic communication to increase producer/scientist interaction.
On-farm use of animal metabolic models to systemize known biological concepts.
Research Interests 
Protein and amino acid nutrition of dairy cows.
Evaluation of methods to assess forage quality.
Impact of feeding management on milk protein and fat levels and composition.
Management strategies to reduce the environmental impact of dairy cows.
Animal metabolic models as a tool to understand animal biology.


Paulo Rigolin
Global Poultry Director at Alltech

 In 2001 I started working with Alltech in Brazil, a leading agricultural biotechnology company specializing in natural animal nutrition products. In 2007 I achieved the position of Allzyme series Global Champion with overall responsibility of Sales, Marketing and Strategic planning for the enzyme line of products for Alltech. After 4 years with focus in Latin America, North America, Africa-Middle East, Europe and Asia, we were able to achieve a 5-fold increase in sales, with high market share in many important animal protein producer countries. In 2011, I was promoted as the Global Poultry director of Alltech.
My aspiration is to continue driving Alltech’s business developments in the poultry area and expand my leadership and strategic skills to help better develop the individuals on my team.


Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya
Instituto de Biotecnologia Aplicada à Agropecuaria – Universidade Federal de Viçosa

Finished the PhD in Agriculture by the Hokkaido University in 1995. At the moment is a teacher in the Federal University of Vicosa. Published 71 articles and 210 papers in many events. Wrote 5 chapters for different books and participated in national and international events. Coordinated the 6th International Conference about Micorrhyzum in 2009. Between 1986 and 2010 participated in 71 research projects coordinating 36 of them. At the moment is coordinating 3 Institutional  projects. Is also the coordinator of a partnership between the Federal University of Viçosa, the Hokkaido University, the Lisbon University and the Laval University. All of her work is in the Agriculture area associated to Microbiology and Biochemistry  


John Cone
Senior scientist Animal Nutrition Group - Wageningen University

Rumen physiology, in vitro techniques, gas production technique, feed evaluation, feed characterisation, starch metabolism, starch metabolism, plant anatomy, plant degradation, cell wall degradation.
Professional involvement
Member British Society Animal Science (BSAS).
Member editorial advisory board Animal Feed Science and Technology.


Eduarda Molina Alcaide
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Estación Experimental del Zaidín

Lines of Research:
- Nutritional assessment of conventional and non-conventional foodstuffs. Product quality
- Environmental impact of ruminant production 
- Metabolism, ruminant ecology and microbial interactions with ruminant immune system 


Tiago Aires

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